Hair shape issue, bug or setting?

We have a simple hair system on a sphere with thick strands. The shape of the hair should be cylindrical, it looks correct in viewport renders, but full renders are changing the hair shape. What is going on here? The stack is fine, subsurf 1/1 then hair. scales/rotations applied, no doubles…

Blend on dropbox 1 MB(you may need to bake hair dynamics for 50 frames 3 seconds)

No bugs, it’s the Step parameter. There is both Render and Display Step parameter. The more steps, the more resolution the hair has, so it will be more cylinder and less sharp pencil-like

Your Step render setting is = 3. Your Display (viewport) is = 6. That’s why the difference

Ahh, I thought that setting was only if b-spline was activated. Kind of poorly labeled. Thank you for quick response.

Sweeet…Thank you for sorting that out marco.
And thank you for taking on the issue Photox.