Hair shows outside of weight mapped area.

I hope i’ve post this in the right forum.

I have a model of a female, i created a vertex group for the hair, and i weight painted it. The area is where hair is supposed to grow. under the extra tab for my hair particle system, i’ve selected this vertex group as my emit area. I’ve applied the kink/branch stuff.

But now when i render i see little strand on the “nose” “chin” and a little on the neck.

Please check out the attatchment.

You could clearly see tiny marks, hair strandso n the face.
Hair shows outside of weight mapped area

Please help me out.

These are probably children, you are using Children from faces? Use more parents.

It may be that the wrong children are children from the other side of the mesh.
-> either because you have faces with flipped normals
-> or you have to much kink and branch