Hair Size Does Not Work 2.47

Hi All,

I have uploaded a BLEND file.

I want the strands emitted from my cube to be thicker. But when I change the size nothing happens.

Does anyoneknow why?


BouncingHair.blend (55.5 KB)

In your file the hair has no material, this way the strands render in default size.
Give them(the emitter) a material and change the Strands settings in the LinksandPipelinePanel of this material to your wishes.



What a let down. So hair can not do anything other than those four little strand parameters?
Even if I turn all the strand sliders all the way up, I still can not get a size as big as I want.

I can not get any reflection on a strand? I can not get any ray transparency. Halo does not work either.

How about listing what material parameters do work with strand?

In the Strand settings you can activate the Use Blender Units button.
This way you can get really huge strands. The default is pixels.

If you have activated the strands render button inthe particle system, you are using the strand primitive, which is ment for render speedup and does not support raytracing for the moment. You still can control alpha with a blendtexture mapped to strand and the use of ztransp.
There are more things to do for a good hair material, for example to use tangent shading to get a good reflection.
This way it is possible to create really good hair materials.
There are more settings related to this -

There are quite good tutorials around for this stuff. I think one was in the issue 16 of blenderartmagazin.

More Info here: