Hair + SSSS

Cool, I love the toon style.

How did you do the hair?

Man that’s a big head!

Welcome to Elysiun.

You keep doing great toon style like that an you’ll never leave this place.
Thats a good render.Kind of a Edna mode form Incerdibles.
Could we see more of her?

Looks very good. The hair is great the way it is. Her neck looks low-poly. Her hand doesn’t seem to hold the needle very much. Perhaps make her thumb a bit closer to the needle.

I agree could we see more of Edna?

Woodman, the hair was made with plans and textures alpha.

Ronin, here is going an animation with sofbody and fiber script.

Roger, Good observation, but the focus is the hair and the writing SSSS.

Excuse my bad English!

Pretty good hair with softbodies, but I think it should be a little more ridged. It swings a little too freely. Turn up the friction (I think that’s the setting I want) a little bit. Or maybe it has too much weight. I haven’t messed with softbodies quite enough to know which does which. But that’s a great test. :smiley:

Wacth the Incrediles last night again for anTH time.I always find some new technique in the movie every time I wacth it.I see where your going with this.
Keep up the good work,and keep posting the progress.

This is really cool! The only thing that really jumps out at me is that at the end of the movie there are some strange line shadows on her face. Other than that it’s great!

still, I am difficulties with the buttons of softbody. But friction is in 10 and gravity also.

This test of the animation I used fiber script to make the external hair.

They are tests.