Hair Strands Rendering Improperly

I am having a huge issue with the rendering of my hair particles in blender 2.8. I got my hair system all set up and looking how I like it, however the issue arises when I go to render the image. The strands themselves are not smooth and are even missing quite a bit of their “geometry”. I’ve tried increasing the strand steps, to no avail. I have posted images of what I am talking about below.

Using gpu its rendering fine. Maybe try to change the hair settings under the render settings. CPU is also rendering fine.
Maybe its the material?

What Blender version are you on? I used 2.93.5.

It is the setting for Kink, you had it set for Curl but with nothing set but amplitude at 3m…and frequency at .3

Just changing to .1m amplitude you can get this result…