hair streaks when frame changes

I can’t figure out how to stop hair from following a path.
When I change frames, the hair looks stretched. If I change the visualization from Path to Object and back to Path again, the streaky/stretchy hair goes back to normal.
However, if I change to a new frame and then back again, the streaky/stretchy hair re-appears and I have to do the visualization Path/Object/Path all over again.

How do I stop the hair from following the path so I can render my frames without this weird looking activity going on?

Much thanks,


Are you using paths to style the hair? If so then you should use the combing tools but I imagine you are. If you are using combing and it’s an extra problem then a sample blend might help get an answer.

Yes, I am using the combing tools. It is just that when it changes frames, the hair not only moves but stretches out to a very long length. I am wondering if there is a way to stop the stretchiness or somehow freeze the physics of the hair for each frame.