Hair Styling Test

Just a couple of tests with the new hair styling tools. Holding off resurrecting the thread in WIP section until I figure out more. Nevertheless, tonights big lesson for me was to only have a couple of hundred hair strands and let the (new?) children feature do all the in between hairs. Much easier to style that way (for me). Still pretty rough obviously, but it makes such a huge difference to be able to get hair on your characters… I know what I’ll be doing these holidays…

daaaayam… just found the extra “auto styling” options in the childrens panel…

btw, on my crappy old desktop these take about 90 seconds to render WITH an area light running at 6 samples.

:smiley: Ya gotta love the new interactive fur/particle editing. Apart from the kink/branch, did you try the brownian motion option?

In the second and third images, the hair style looks very good. Keep at it.

I did a similar test on the eternal cube. Below is a screenshot.

Wow. Looks good and renders fast. Nirvana.

This’ great, all those force fields around the hair particles on a model like Proog with the old particle system used to disuade me from using the particle system for hair fullstop, it’s just too fiddly. This one makes sense, Viva la Blender!!! :smiley:

So Blender 2.50 will be called the particle release, the event recode release, the render enhancements release, the more powerful procedurals release, and, and…

I love the hairy cube, 2.50 will blow all the other releases before it out of the water.

Nope. It’s called “2.50: Where All Your Dreams Come True”.