Hair styling: "Unify Length" (is it possible?)

I’m styling some hair, total newbie to blender hair, and I want to make all hairs the same length or at least very nearly so. Seems like “Unify Length” would help, but I can’t find it in blender.

I think I saw it last week, but maybe I only saw it in the manual and not in blender. I can’t find it today.

Could you point me to it?

“Unify Length” is described on this manual page:

This comand does not have a shortcut or a button by default (AFAIK).
In Particle Edit mode, hit A to select all, then Space for the interactive help and type “Unify Length”: There it is.


It’s not there. I think I saw it in the past week, but I cannot be sure. Oh, I think I saw it in the 2.78 release candidate while taking a look at it.

It’s not in my 2.77a version on Mac.

Thanks anyway! Now I know where it should be.

Yep, it’s in a recent 2.78 build, just as you describe.