Hair system make my mesh invisible!

Hi guys, I’ve read the forum for a while and now I decided to make my entry and learn blender.
I’ve just a question for you, when I add my hair system suddenly my mesh become invisible in render window as you see in attached image:

it’s a cube covered in hairs but the cube is suddenly becoming invisible when I render the scene!

What’s wrong? And be patience with a noob, I still learn Blender. Thank you guys!

okay what you have to do in your particle panel and find the third panel
that say:Visualization then click VEL SIZE NUM
then click"" EMITTER"" UNBORN DIED , but not X Parents

I don’t know which one it is but i think it is emitter because that should stand for hat it is coming off of.

ALSO on that window beside paths it says steps that’s how many bends can be on the hair follicle, so click that to 4 -5 and below it says render its going to render at 3 but i put mine on 5

be careful your pc may be too slow.