hair test of the upcoming 2.40 blender (final p2)

With the upcoming release, we will have hairs and fur solution included.

So far, having not saw any long hairs test, i did one of my own.

still some rough spots, but pretty sweet i would say. The best being it

is still quite fast (5’ for this 60k strands)

Please comment

The hair looks a bit clumpy in some places and the eyebrows are too thin. Other than that, i think it looks pretty nice.


My only crit is it doesnt look like the hair is coming out of the scalp, like it is just sitting above the head.
Other than that, it looks promising.

The part looks much too extreme, and the dark shadows in the hair are too pronounced, making it look like the hair has black streaks. I don’t think it looks very good or realistic but I don’t know what else you could do to improve. Sorry. :frowning:

its pretty good. i cant wait to try & make a furry creature :slight_smile:

(one small question:does anyone know when the latest version of blender is coming out?)

It’s awesome!

I have no idea how you did that!

I really gotta figure out that hair stuff, or I’ll be left behind.

All I can make is robots :slight_smile:

looks nice…i would increase randomness thought…

Hey lukep.

Tts not there yet, it just seems too fake, although the guides are nicely laid out.
There is still lots of work for it to get a decent look.

I’m also doing some tests myself, once I get something nice I will post it.

Cheerz, keep it up

– Rui –

a raytraced version + randomness, better but much longer to render.

eyebrows still off

Too shiney or something… still doesn’t look right, but I don’t know exactly what’s wrong. You did fix the shadowing though, and that looks better.

The new random hairs in the front are perfectly straight, which obviously isn’t realistic.

The eyebrows are still way too thin.

Much better, have you tried applying a texture gradient instead of randomness to change things up a little? That way the randomness would still somewhat follow the curve guides…in theory.

Put some blemishes on his forehead (…and on the rest of his face). The transition from the nicely reallistic hair to the hideously smooth face is jarring.
This second picture is a great improvement overr the first one (hair-wise at least…)

The work you have done on Hair ia outstanding!!! i would be very pleased to see a tutorial. Either could you direct me to one or can you write one for us please?


I started a thread with my hair tests, so I thought it would be worthwhile to link to it here.
The images are on my friend’s server, and it’s not up at the time of this writing, so check back later.

About lukep’s hair. It looks pretty nice. The parts that would annoy me if it were mine, are the parted areas, and the little frizzy hairs. The parting is something I tried to solve in my tests, but I wasn’t satified with the results.

The skin procedural looks pretty nice, but maybe lighten it up a bit on the circles, it looks kinda fishy.

Very good work overall, congrats.

a better solution again.

back to shadow buffers (but very large, 8kx8k) + reduced strength (0.5) sub only AO. render times are huge too (54’)

wawez, yes the part area is one of the limits of current system

bespoke, before making a tut there is still a lot of research to do

final version, with a bit different take.

Please comment

woah buddy, not everyone here has the bonus of highspeed internet! could you please optimise the image for everyone else?

yeah, i’ve got like a 10 megabit and it still took awhile.