Hair texture

He’s got a lot of hair. I don’t have the best computer, so I thought, ‘what if I made the particles bigger with a much smaller quantity and just gave each strand a hair texture?’ Unfortunately, I don’t know how to give it a hair texture. I tested some textures and added a hair node to the image texture, experimented a lot! but didn’t find what I was looking for.

Is there a way I can add a texture across the strand of his hair to give his hair a clumpy effect?

Not sure what you want…But have you tried just using the Clumping as well as Kink in Particle settings? Basic settings for strands and stuff…didn’t change the hair diameter…

Principled Hair Node…

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Not quite. I don’t mind the current shape of hair. What I want is for the shape of his hair to not be so tubey. I want to add a texture to the node to make that happen.

See the horizontal stripe? I want that to be vertical. However, no matter which way I flip the stripe, its always horizontal.

In the 3d view jump up from Particle edit to Texture Paint…Disconnect Hair in Particle settings…Color is determined by what the emitter color is…
Use Line as your paint stroke…and paint a stripe from top…to 3/4 way down + -