Hair Thickness

Hi All,

How do you get hair particles to be really fine. I’ve tried reducing the strands values in the links panel but they are still straw-like.


Turn on “blender units” in the strands settings, and manually size the hair to work with your overall Blender scale. Be sure to turn on “strands” as the shading method in the particles settings.

Also use a gradient texture to soften the hairs.

See the attached Blend for a sample of these techniques.


thin_hair.blend (198 KB)

Cheers Pappy, thats exactly what I needed to know.

one thing though, when I turn on Strands as the shader, the hair doesn’t cast shadows anymore

Turn off bspline in the particle options.
EDIT: I’m sorry, I mean turn off ‘strand render’ in the particle options. It is unnecessary.

Strand rendering can have shadows. Buffered shadows that is.


hair_shadow.blend (348 KB)

Hi Kweefah88,I think it really depends on whether u want to look good in long or short hair wor… I have long hair and about chest area. Can make loads of style but really depend on your hair texture. system32 dll error