Hair tools that Blender needs

Hi all!
I see that blender doesn’t have many tools for creating, modeling and animating hair. I wish hair to be “riggable”, because it’s in my opinion difficult to animate them as we want. Also there must be something like this:
Yes, I heard about Hair Net script but it’s too limited and it’s unsuitable for animations.
What do you think? Will these features become part of Blender? Or maybe they’re already in development?

Current hair particle development

But I didn’t find anything about something like Tube Groom. Is it even possible to develop something like this for blender?

Hello Pawel4427 there’s an old scriptthat perhaps you might be interested … I have no news of compatibility with the current build. :smiley:
Good luck Bob

Sorry for my bad English … is the fault of Google Translator !!! :smiley:

Thanks, but as I said in OP this tool is too limited and usuitable for most things. It slould be improoved, because I don’t think anyone want to use planes to define hair shape. Tubes are better idea (not cylinders because meshes that tube groom uses are open on both ends).

Tubes? You could use curve guides, and in the curve panel set to use a bevel object to get your tube shape. Not that this woudl be the same thing, only pointing out that the tubes themselves aren’t too hard to come by.

You’re making me curious :smiley: Can you show an example, guess it doesn’t work for hair particle system and animating hair?

Maybe after work - I don’t have a lot of experience here, but when adding force fields you can choose Curve Guide, and you should be able to add Curve Guide to the curve in the physics panel. In the curve panel, bevel and up the resolution, and choose full instead of half.