Hair using Blenders new particals

Anyone getting good results creating hair with particals.I have played a little but have trouble getting the hair to follow a style using the curve guides.At the moment I think I may stick to building a hair mesh & creating a alpha map for more control,Any coments?

This is the best test I have gotten with current hair system:

Only one guide used for that emitter.

The main thing to remeber is to utilize the STRAND settings in the Material. Also, make sure you add a Blend texture to the material as well. That really helps.


From the little bit of work that I’ve done with hair particles, here’s a couple thoughs that might help:

  1. Make parts in the hair with seperate meshes on seperate layers. That way your curve guides making a particular “style feature” for the hair won’t cause problems with your other curve guides.

  2. Try adding some force-field empties in addition to your curve guides to style the hair further.

  3. Do what BgDM said for the material.:wink:


off topic: your skin looks a little shiny - but otherwise superb!
bgdm and dwarven fury know what they’re talkin’ about.

Hm, forcefields and vortexes may cause a really bad hairdo…

Where’s a good tutorial for this hair and the new Particles on v2.40?


or here

The rest you should figure out yourself… :wink:

I saw the first one, the second one is better.


off topic: can you tell me how you did your skin. It looks very good to me!
Thanx, Twan

The skin is far from being finished. Just play around with some different shaders and look what kind suites you well. Go for a soft and not too high Spec. I used a Col Ramp from black-brown over orange to greyish light pink. Then paint some very dark red as a vertexcolour (a bit here and there) and some more on the nose and ears. Use a noisy bumpmap.

But anyway. There are better Turorials out there. And I’m far from being finished with this model…

A newer version is on my website: