HAIR - why is this happening?

Hi there,
I’ve been exploring using the particle settings to produce hair on shapes. The hair has mainly been fine and then this happened and I can’t work out why… I like the effect but can’t see what i’ve done differently.

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 18.37.30

Looks like, (assuming eevee), you changed the hair setting from strand to strip. If you do that, you need to play with the hair shape a bit. Try changing the tip to 0.1 or, depending on your object size, 0.01

Thanks for your reply.
I can see the change happen in eve but i’m actually in Cycles. Is there an equivalent strand to strip in cycles?

Umm, honestly, I dunno, but my guess, without checking, is that if not, just changing the hair shape would do it. I’ve only recently played with hair and it’s in Eevee.
EDIT: Just had a look, whilst there is a setting in hair for ribbons / thick, on a test sphere, it didn’t seem to do much, the hair shape was the key thing.