Hair with Shape Keys


for a current project I have two hair setups. Now I need to transform one into the other.
Both setups have the exact same amount of hair so I thought of using Shape Keys.
To use them I need to convert the particles to a mesh, don’t I?
But when I do so, the “hairs” are just edges, that won’t show up in the render :spin:
Has anyone an idea how I could achieve a transforming effect on hair?

Is there noone having an idea on how to do this?

I doubt many people have tried it. When you convert to mesh try adding solidify modifier and other modifiers and try messing with the material settings. Right now your best bet is to look for anything that is at all related in regards to tutorials and see what you can get from those that might give you some idea of a way to do this. Remember don’t just stick with Blender ones but others as this is to simply give you ideas.