I am still a newbie to blender, and i would like to experiment with hair. That’s because I’m making a horse atm, and horses have hair (seriously). The problem is, that I have absolutely no idea on how to do that.
Now my question is: Can anyone give me a link to a tutorial that explains how to make use of hair. All I can do now, is (subsurf) modeling, basic texturing, and materials… So if anyone kan help me, please.

Go through this tut:

I think you might be able to do the hair on the neck by making two stripe like vertex planes that are in that place in which the hair starts to grow. Then grow the hair as in tutorial and apply a curve guide for each plane so that the other one points to right and the other left. You can determine the direction of these “hair planes” with these guides.

You can try this out easily this way:

  1. Make a plane.
  2. Shape it to be as a stripe.
  3. Set up it’s particles so that Static and Vect are on and you got some value at Particle Motion/Normal. I used Normal 0.005 and Random 0.002 to make it look less uniform.
  4. Make a bezier curve and set it to be a curve guide.
  5. Tweak, alter, experiment.

The tail part would go like in the tutorial. A small basis and then you just grow the hair and set up the curve guides.

The weight painting options are great. They may useful too. There’s demo videos at

this is halfway decent. as with any tut, mess aroudn with the settings to find something u like. btw is is straight from blender documentation

thanks alot. I will go trough all the tutorials you gave me :smiley: