yo!, me and my firend are making a movie with mice and i was wondering how to make life like hair, like it moves in the breeze, a URL would be cool, thanks!:D:)

You and your friend are searching for the Holy Grail of animation. When you find it, be sure to post here to let everyone know.

Seriously, what you want to do is more involved than following a tutorial. How realistic do you want it? If you are modeling the hair with a mesh, you might be able to do what you want with a lattice. If you are modeling the hair with particles, good luck. I suppose it’s doable, but a lot of work. Particle hair is controlled by curve guides, so you’d have to animate each individual curve guide, and for a decent hair style, you might have 12 to 20 of them, or more.

Check out selected modeling threads, there is some information about making particle hair.

i guess me and my friend want “ok” graphics and tthe only whay i know how to make hair is with particles