Hi All

Not sure if this is in the correct place or if it should go to material and textures…but here is my question.

I have put hair on my model, the issue is that the parent hairs are getting rendered orange.

  1. I have the parent hairs in the render section unchecked.
  2. I have virtual parents in children section at 0.
  3. The hairs are not selected in particle edit mode.

I cannot think of anything else.

Help really appreciated.


Hi Shaun,

I can only offer some guesses. Do you eventually have more than one particle system and are the parents enabled in one of these? It should not render the parents if the parents are unchecked.

The color is a riddle too, because in the same hair system the color of the parents and the children should be identical. Perhaps it’s a result of a certain node setup? Maybe some nodes confuse the particle system.

Just guesses, you know.

I’m with minoribus, just guessing, but hmmm, yeah what minoribus said. The only way I can see that happening is
a) You have more than one system, and the material on that one system is orange
b) You have very high parent stands, and no children and are using an uv image for color (skin texture maybe), most of the pixels are brown, but there is an odd orange one here and there.

Chop off a small portion of scalp, lower the numbers, pack it and post it.

Ah must have a big issue here if I have two of Blenders Masters stumped :smiley:

@minoribus and Photox. There is only one particle system on the head itself for the hair and there is one on the face for the finer hairs, the one on the face is just white with some translucency.

The one on the head has 1000 parents and each parent has 100 child hairs. I even tried to enable the parents in render settings to see if they would take on the correct colour, but no luck as they still stay multicoloured.

I am using a JPEG texture for the hair.

I put a Hue/Saturation node into the mix and tweaked it a bit, it is a lot better, but still not correct. I have obviously lost a lot of colour variation this way.

Off to work now, I will pack a file later and PM you guys.

Thanks for assisting.