HairMesher (Generate mesh from hair with UVs,C++)

HairMesher can Generates permanent parametric mesh hairs (with uv realtime generation) from particle hairs.
(fully C++ implementation,So it can generate 100,000 strand mesh hairs within seconds),
According to the existing particle hair, a mesh with uv can be generated, and each side of the generated mesh is automatically parallel to the scalp where the particle hair is located. In other words, it is always attached to the hair.
You can adjust the parameters again at any time. Alternatively, brush the hair again and update the mesh(this update should be done manually).
Weight maps can be used to define hair density, length, width, and number of sections, etc.

In the future, uv maps will be used to define uv distribution.

new features:
1:add a feature that distribute the hair strand UV to four divisions of the UV space by weight map.
2:add a presets panel to the layout that can save and reuse your last preset.

update----20200115v 0.5.1)----
fix the strand mesh’s normal direction align outtowards.
suport child hair generation , uvs generation in real time:

add curve surface interpolation algorithm.(unlimited segment)
now the column of strand can be seted to more than 2 column.(weight map can define the number of column)
add more hair materials
HairMesher 3

weight map to define the segment and column:

for blender2.81
this addon is avilible on
(note: this addon is only for windows OS temporary)
You only pay once, free update forever!!


This looks interesting. This is looking neat so far. Keep up the work. :slight_smile:

Hi Lmdjs, very nice your idea! A new path for sculpt folliages and landscape or other things like fluids too!
Congratulations yet!

this is potentially very useful for me. Thank you so much for the work you put into this, looking forward to seein more :slight_smile:

That seems to be very useful and creative add-on.
Looking forward to the development!

I wish your posted this 2 weeks earlier ;).
U would be cool if all strips had auto generated, aligned uv’s. And ability to define strip width with taper (width over lenght).

I am going wait for this thread with great anticiapation. This would solve a lot of problems for me in making Makehuman model hair styles

Will one be able to control the amount of polys in the generated mesh?

Awesome work! I imagine this will help making lowpoly hair really a breeze!
I’m also wondering the same as SHABA1. It would be good to have control of the amount of polys generated.

yes this will be considered to reduce the amount of polys and the shape of polys can be controled,you can define how width from the root to tip.

cool addon, thanks!

Different width of root and tip?
I know that we can do it with the material render setting.
I would be create to have this kind of function!
now it can decide the segment of hair mesh by the length of still can reduce the segment menully.

one example:

It’s able to adjust the angle of twist,and the width of whole mesh strip is decided by hair length.

You just keep coming up with great addons. Thank you.

hy imdjs!
Where you publish your addons? I would like to try!

Not to rush you, But any time frame when this will be availible AND will it be free?

this will be my first commercial addon, it will be less than 10 buck.
but I need some time to optmize it,It’s not perfect yet,some feature are not implemented .

fair price. looking forward to it :slight_smile:

:frowning: OH well that is it for me. Not that I would mind paying for it but when one has no money … well you know. But it is a fair price.

two updated feature :
(1)hair strip can be seted to two style: flat and arch.or auto decide the style by length.
(2)It can generates bones along each hair strip and can set the number of bones.