HairMesher (Generate mesh from hair with UVs,C++)

this addons newest version is for blender 2.83, and only surpport windows 10 X64.

Well…the thing is… I am already using 2.83 on Windows 10 64bit

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@imdjs 你好,我这里又发现一些小问题,我用的是2.83.7LTS版本,当多次生成网格头发或中间使用某些操作后并点击Gnerate_Hairmesher后会出现以下情况:



好像开关勾选 实时,然后再点击生成又能用了,并且可以选择要生成的粒子

@ huiyao
我现在忙于另一个插件(ghost ik)的开发,可能短期内无法投入时间到这个插件的更新,不过一有时间,我就会更新这个插件.

You only pay once, free update forever!!

I paid for this addon through sellfy but it appears store is no longer available.


I would be grateful with 100% discount as I do not wish to purchase twice, thank you

*have read earlier posts for 2.83zip free download

Is this available on blender 2.9?

Is it still an option to try this for free? I want to make sure it suits my needs and then I would buy it but I want to try it.

Email is [email protected]


Thank you very much! I am very eager to try this out, I think it is just what I am looking for!

@imdjs Do you have an ETA on when the update might be completed?

No rush at all, just curious. Thanks again!

Just to clarify so this addon is supposed to make my hair lowpoly? My biggest problem is my hair file size and poly count is ridiculously high so is this addon supposed to help? @SHABA1 you seem to know a lot about this addon? Is there a way we can PM?

update 20210915 for blender2.93
this is the only addon that can generate uv mesh from children interpolated hair particles
IMDJS_HairMesher20210915(bl2.93).zip (4.3 MB)


Thank you so much! Does anyone have @SHABA1 written tutorial?

Either way this is absolutely awesome so thank you so much!

For some reason it will not let me install.


maybe you can try to delete the old version cleanly. make sure your blender is 2.93(I test it with 2.93.2), and OS is windows10 x64

Epic news! I loooove this addon, been using it a lot since it came out on Sellfy until I switched to higher Blender versions which don’t support it anymore. Super stoked about the update :smiley:

I get an error myself, different one however. Cleanly installed and on 2.93.4

I got it installed on 2.93.3 but Generating the Hair Mesh and selecting Near just results in errors every time, I am going to try on 2.93.2.

This Addon I feel is game changing so fingers crossed!

update 2021-09-18.2 fix some bugs
IMDJS_HairMesher20210918(bl2.93).zip (4.3 MB)

With the new version I am still getting that same error that PixelPete is reporting. Steps to reproduce:

  1. Activate add-on
  2. Create Sphere
  3. Add Hair particle system
  4. Click generate HairMesher button


It is working for me now with the new version you have provided!!! But is there any tutorial that can teach me how to generate the low poly mesh with uvs. I still don’t know what every slider on this addon does and cannot find a written tutorial outlining it.