(Hairnet) Mesh guides different length Error (Help needed!)

Hello! Thank you very much for having a peek at this thread. First time posting long time lurker o/
I’ve run into a very frustrating problem and I’ve searched around for similar threads, found some, but sadly none that I could…Comprehend sufficiently well, if that makes sense.

I’ve been practising my hair-making skills and when I’m been trying to learn to make braids I’ve been trying to follow this lovely video step for step:

Unfortunately, I run into an error no matter how many times I re-watch it. When I select my braid and then a model with a working hair particle system and I scroll down to apply it as curves via hairnet…I get the “Mesh Guides have different lengths” error.

Now unfortunately new users cannot uppload attachments or I would’ve gladly shared the blend file but screens will have to make due! Extremely thankful for any responses :smiley:

Edit mode of the curve I use to shape/pose the braid:

Object mode of the curve I use t o shape/pose the braid:

I don’t know what is and isn’t useful so if anyone wants screens of something else entirely please let me know! I am also reachable by discord at TheWarlock#7781 if any helpful soul wants the blend file to have a look, since I cannot upload it here.

Big big thanks in advance!

Anyone, please?

You have a curve with a different number of vertices than the other. Check the notes.

The error says you mesh guides have different lengths.

If they have different lengths then change them so they are the same
From the addon notes. All curves used to create a single hair system must have the same number of vertices.