Hairparticlesystem doesn't follow objects animated by bones


I have a hat with a brim. I want to have hair on the brim and the hat should follow some bone animation of my character. This all works fine and I get hai rendered ect. The Problem now is that the brim (that also is the emitter for hair) follows the animation but the hair doesn’t. I tried to use hair dynamics and bake the dynamics, diddn’t work. I also tried to convert the strands into a mesh… this will follow the animation but they won’t be rendered. I’ve searched this problem on the web and tried several things but didn’t find really helpfull stuff.
I’m sure that I’m not the first blender user on earth which wants to have hair on a object and let that object be influenced by bones. i’m also sure that it is possible to do this with blender but I don’t have an idea how it should work… my simple and maybe naive approach didn’t work.
Thanks for helpfull answers :slight_smile: