Hairs as mesh+particles

Hello there,

Since it is related to particles, I hope it is the right place.

I tried to use particles for hairs using particle instance and a mesh that is supposed to follow the shape of particles but… it rotates, it gets an offset, it does a lot of things but… it doesn’t follow the shape of hairs. it doesn’t curve. The hair mesh remains rigid… Heeeeeelp! XD


There’s no real progress. Mesh curves but children don’t.
Situation 1 : Interpolated children don’t show at all
Situation 2 : Children don’t curve and the scale is wrong.

I’ve tried to follow the Hairs for AAA game tutorial but still something goes wrong.

What are the proper parameters to set to get the children to display and curve?

Up 2

I don’t get why and how. It drives me crazy : the mesh body generates rotations and scales on the mesh supposed to follow the particles but I have no rotations, no transforms, nothing and the mesh body and the mesh used to follow the particles is just a plan created the same way than my test mith a simple sphere (this one works)…
Why a head scalp mesh generates such ghosts? I’ve tried to reset all kind of transforms, to apply visual geometry to mesh, nothing works.

PS : A weird thing is it seems to keep some informations from scultping even after apply visual geometry to mesh. Is there any way to clear/apply sculpt?

PS 2 : Depending of the X, Y, Z axis for particle instance, it can looks random or shows a 45° rotation (the mesh is not a rectangle but a diamond)

OK, that’s not exactly what I would call a convenient solution but at least it works.

  1. Export the object as .obj without options at all to only have the mesh
  2. Import in another version of blender (2.81 in my case)
  3. Create particles instance and particles system
  4. Save the project
  5. Reopen in Blender 2.91

There’s probably a default parameter to change somewhere.