Hairs clipping through a specific part of the mesh


Sorry if my question is dumb, I am kind of new to hair editing.

So I decided to try and model an animal during my spare time, but a part of the fur is just… messed up?

Some hairs are always clipping through a certain portion of the mesh, right on the chin of the model, and end up in its mouth.

I tried using particle editing to pull those hairs off, however they seem to be blocked by the surface of the mesh.
I also tried to switch normals, recalculating inside/outside, but none of these methods were effective.

Is this a comment problem or would it require further informations to solve it?

Hairs going inside the mesh :

And the chin, without any visible hairs when rendered :

If I understand the issue, you should enter Particle Mode, and temporarily disable ‘Deflect emitter’; then you can pull off the strands and re-enable deflection when finished.

Edit: before you should verify that normals (of the faces) of the object are all pointing out.


Thanks for your quick and nice answer, I checked my mesh normals, everything seems normal (Except if they are not supposed to be pointing outward?)

I then tried unactivating deflect emitter, it work just fine to pull hairs outside the mesh. However, once I turned deflect emitter back and tried bending them, they instantly freaked out and got right back under the surface.

Is this supposed to be normal? Should I completely bend them with emitter deflection off?

Yes, normals should usually point outward.

The only thing that comes to my mind is that the object could have a too small scale (respect to the Deflect Distance), or a not uniform scale.


I’m pretty sure my object is big enough, I tried applying scale, rotation and location, juste in case they were changed, but it did not seem to help.

Anyway thanks for trying to help me, I will try to work my way out of it by messing with the deflect distance settings (even if I don’t know what it is exactly( and if it keeps on bugging, try bending hairs with it disabled, the chin is not the main part of the mesh, I will be fine with an approximate result.

Do not confuse real strands with children, the latter are not deflected and are free to intersect if their setting put them too apart from parents.