Hairs don't take the texture

Hello, i have a problem with a texture and hairs. At the moment i’m creating a cat. The mesh is created and the texture too. But the hairs don’t take the texture. Only if i apply the subsurface modifier, then the hairs have the colour of the texture. What ist wrong with my mesh ? I can’t find the failure. I’ve tried another mesh and there is no problem. But i want create my cat new only for that. Perhaps another user of Blender knows the answer. Following the download-Link for you

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You can download it as free user. Whyever the upload-manager from blenderartists don’t upload these Blend-File.

Because the Blend-File would be to big, the hairs-particles have only 1 hair. After downloading please increase the number of hairs to 100.000.

Sorry for my bad english and with best wishes.

Don’t click this link. Adware/malware.

Hey there is no adware or maleware. You click on “Normaler Download”. After 90 second it appears a captcha that you have to solve. That´s all. What on this is an adware or maleware ? I don’t know why the file-manager of blenderartists can’t upload a 10MB Blend-File.

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Use to share .blend files.

Hallo horseman, thank you for the tip. Here is the Link for downloading in pasteall :

I hope anyone can help me.

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You have a mirror modifier that I think is not correct, anyway it is below a subsurf, and this is not correct at all.
Also if you apply the mirror mod it still will not work, but after applying the mirror you have to redo a new particle system, and at last it will work fine.


Hello sourvinos, i thank you for your answer. I will try it in the next days.

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