Hairs - Geometry Nodes

Little experiment using Draw Tool, which is already in Blender:


where can i buy the .blend?

I am still working on it. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough free time for the project. There is no link yet.

Braid Modifier update:

(Frequency at 70 on generated guides)

(Frequency at 30 on generated guides)

  • The modifier’s sub-clumping region generation is now far more consistent with 3 clumps (there are still some 2-clump-braids, but only if the guides are place very close to each other).

  • Automatic thickness based on braid’s scale. There is still a “Thickness” multiplier for tweaking.

  • “Even Mapping” can be used to achieve the same frequency on guides with different length

  • Tilt support.

In the future it would be nice to make something like this procedurally:

Right now I am cleaning up some nodes and making little utility nodegroups for the release.


Just Wow! :clap:t5:
I still find it hard to believe you’re doing all this with geometry nodes honestly.

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@Astronet Thank you! Honestly, I didn’t think it would work the way it eventually did.

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Some questions,can we make hair roots evenly distributed over the surface ?Particle hair can’t do that.Also do we have manual control over the hair root region like mask ?

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Awesome work ! Can’t wait to give it a spin.

Yes, even distribution of hair instances with Poisson Disk algorithm is possible, it is already part of Point Distribute node. I am going to make a switch for this.
It should be noted, that it is slower than the standard random method.

Masking using texture maps is possible.

The custom region/ID maps is something I would like to make as well. There are some issues with that.
The way UVs are being sampled is tied to emitting geometry’s resolution. If the geometry is relatively low-res, region/ID map is not going to be “sharp” enough to make a clear “cut” between regions.

Probably there is better way to do this.


@Ranquin Thank you!

This looks fantastic and far more controllable than the current particle system. Great work

Thank you! It is more controllable in some cases, but there are still some issues, such as true interpolation between guides, which is non existent at the moment.


I seem to be going down a similar path as this. Guide interpolation seems less of an issue for me as I think there are some great tools and packages that already generate great interpolated curves results. I’d rather see a really robust deformation system for animation. That seems to be a huge Achilles heel in the current blender implementation. That being said I like your modular approach to styling deformers like clumps as it’s less restrictive than hair particles


Animation along with simulation nodes is certainly an important part of the future Hair Object.

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As for true interpolation,do you think it can be achieved by GN?

I think, yes, it can be done. I am probably just missing something.