Hairs whith AO render problem

Hi! Can you please give me an advice please about rendering hairs in EEVEE. I created a little bird. And I add some fur to the body. And my scene rendering with AO. And there is a problem. When I render the fur looks dirty colors (some dark parts showed). So the question: is there the way to render fur like this without dark spots.

Here is the picture without AO

and here is with AO

and I whant to get domething like that:

On the feather material, try setting the blend mode to “alpha blend”. Objects in that mode are excluded from AO.

However, this could also cause some depth problems, where the feathers appear to be in front of each other in incorrect ways, so I’m not sure if it will work in your case, it depends on the model.

thanx for answer I tried different modes but it gave no result at all. Looks the same in any modes

OK, I did some testing. I think the problem is mostly not the AO, but rather the lack of translucency on the hair material. The dark spots are simply the areas where you are seeing the dark side of each strand, and the hair is completely opaque, which isn’t realistic.

After some testing, I found that in Eevee, you can make hair translucent using SSS + subsurface translucency.

sss_hair.blend (830.1 KB)

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It’s cool idea! and it really solve the AO render problem… but there is another problem on this method, it’s about colors… it’s hard to control it and I can’t set the light color… all the colors little grey now

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I will try to play with some nodes I will tell you the result

Thanx a lot it works! I fix the pale colors using hue/saturation node. I just up the value setting

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Ah, of course! My test scene didn’t have a gradient along the hair, so the colors would need a bit of readjusting.

Glad I could help!

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