Hairy Balls

With great pleasure, I give you my Hairy Balls. Consider it a late Christmas present.
Because Blendering is a community activity, it is my hope that we can all soon have nice hairy balls.
I wanted to do a longer test render for the Skorupa Denoiser nodes group I’ve been working on recently, based on Skorupa’s recent Blendercookie compositing passes tutorial.
I also wanted to do a longer physics test with Cycles hair.
This was Full GI, 20 samples.
I UV unwrapped my hairy balls with a PNG sequence I had shot previously. I then had fun playing with my hairy balls in the BGE for a few minutes.

I hope that you will all please enjoy my hairy balls…

lmao, you need to get to a doctor immediately the elasticity of those balls is well beyond what is acceptable for a healthy person to be putting on display. The lights are a nice festive touch though. Maybe some highlights or exterior lighting would showcase the furriness of your balls a bit more effectively. I know it may seem a bit “metro” but proper grooming and all that :wink:

@Ocyd: Thank you very much. It really makes me happy that you enjoyed my hairy balls. I take a lot of pride in my hairy balls.
However, if you think the elasticity of my balls is something to be concerned about medically, then I’ll keep that in mind. I do try to keep my balls in good shape. Perhaps I simply smashed my hairy balls together a little too hard?
At any rate, I’m glad you liked the christmas lights on my balls.
There is an exterior light in this scene, and cranked up pretty bright too, as well as environment light from the background. However, as this was also a test of the new Skorupa denoiser group I’m making, and since it’s still an experiment (and it is taking a lot of brightness out of the reflective ramp surface…) I’ve come to the conclusion that my denoiser needs a bit more work. Otherwise, there would have been a lot more exterior and highlight on my balls.

Anyway, thank you for enjoying my hairy balls. Happy New Year!

Adam, you enjoy saying that waaaaay too much

“This-is-a-test…! This is a teeeeeeeeessssssssssssttt…!”

I enjoyed it! :smiley:

Thank you, McThingy. As you could imagine, I’m a big fan of any woman who is very fond of my hairy balls.
Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for watching and commenting. Perhaps I should just be less shy about showing women my hairy balls. It might make my typical Friday nights less lonesome…
Who knows? A guy can dream, right?

@Illusionist: Yeah, you’re probably right. But there is so much I’ve kept bottled up too long… It ain’t healthy.


Exactly :slight_smile:

Oh, you just wait till I start posting imaginary animated redhaired girlfriends with horrible attitudes. You’re gonna LOVE that!