Hairy legs

Alright, this is going to sound like a cubefan post probably, but oh well, i’m curious.

I’m 15 and going into my softmore year of high school, yet my legs are already more hairy than most men. That’s not normal, is it? It doesn’t seem right for guys to shave their legs, but are hairy legs socially ok?


sure they are ok

I’m 16 and my legs are hairy like most of the men of my family (compare to other men)…everything is normal don’t worry :wink:

you will have to shave enough with your face :slight_smile:
but i have another question bout hair, about beard …
i have a cheap braun shaving machine whom you could smoke … when i dont shave a few days, i have more than half an hour and all the skin is red :wink:
are the philips machins worth theyr price? :slight_smile:
are they able to cut up to a centimeter of hair? :slight_smile:


btw did i think first, its a topic about how to make hairy legs in blender :wink:

Pooba asked:

but are hairy legs socially ok?

That depends on how many legs you have.


[size=24]WAX YOUR LEGS/size]

you will need to do the following to get the chicks.

wax your legs.
innner thighs especially
wax your hands
wax some of your arm pits so they are thinner and less full on
wax some of your chest and make it into a t shape and thin it out also
wax your back
wax your penis
and scrotum

then you should be fine!!!

Alltaken :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

auch,… I wouldn’t suggest waxing!

Shaving or trimming should work though :slight_smile:

what happend to the old spiritus flame ups…

just have a barbecue…spray spiritus…stay close to it…and WOOOSH all your hair gone

@ce: YIKES! That would hurt a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want to get rid of hairy legs, I recommend pulling the hair with your hands, it’s almost not painless!

If that doesn’t work, cut off your legs, and shazam! no more hairy legs! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hairy legs are probably ok. But you want to watch out if it starts growing on the palms of your hands, and you get urges to howl at the moon!

What about other parts of your body, like your head or your (censored) or your arms or other things like that?

Maybe you are a spider.

Actually I believe you would have a problem if your legs were not hairy.

How’s chest, back and arms doing?


and it’s also question of what type of girls you are looking for… if you want those baywatch-gym-sporty-types, then ok, wax all you want… it’s required. but I’m not sure if that’s the right way to go in life…

I have hair on my legs, and yet hundreds of girls are screaming after me. 8)


Basse: Well, hopefully they’re either attracted to your Mr. Library character (I’ve never seen it, I was joking), your personality, or anything but your hairy legs.

My legs were becoming hairy starting at 11 or 12 years of age. Hairy is what we are, as mammals. Any attempt to become ‘hairless’ is unnatural.

I wouldn’t worry about it. :wink:

Japanese women love hairy men :slight_smile:

No? what? you’re hairy!!!


there’s no problem there, just be carefull and stay clean, you wouldn’t want to have… you know… INHABITANTS :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, about that “socially okay” issue. Some people will like it, some won’t, just accept yourself, you’re not on earth to please other people’s expectings.

I have a friend who used to do a lot of competition bicycle, so he had to shave COMPLETELY (well, at least legs and backs)! and now he has stopped that and well… he’s not even hairy, he’s furry! haha!

Oh well anyway!
Yeah, no need to worry! No one will reject you (some might be jealous, that’s all)


And don’t shave, it will just grow back thicker and bushy, I know that there are a family that is completly cover with hair, they look like someone from an old warewolf movie.

Hey, at least you guys have a choice :stuck_out_tongue: {well, besides “shave/wax/nair and be a normal female or don’t and be a hairy degenerate who obviously can’t take care of herself…”}

Not to sound like a whining feminist. That’s just the way things seem to work in America… oh well. It’s not like we can’t deal with it, but it’s annoying nonetheless. I wonder what “Cast Away” would have looked like had a girl been the one on a desert island for however long. She probably would’ve found some special sharp-edged seashell to keep her legs in perfect condition %|

Try not shaving and see what happens :slight_smile: