hairy reptile

um, so I have a 3d lizzard that I made in MIlkshape 3d today and I imported it to Blender. I want to give it a hairy look so the “hair” has really shaggy and maybe matted look to it and drags on the ground.
I know particle physics should be involved, but I don’t know how to give it that look. I tried giving it a -z pull on it in the particle motion, but the whole thing is missing and only these very straight hairs exist. any suggestions?:confused:

Have a look at the following. In particular, consider more than one particle emitter for hair going in different directions, using different curve guides.

And finally…

Best of Luck!!

should of done some research!:o
oh well,
thanks a ton for those links!:smiley:

sorry to bother, but I looked over the tuts above and I still need help with this:
how do you make it so the hair/particles don’t go through a mesh. If I have my hair on the mesh, how do I get it to just lay there?


If these pics are somewhat near what you are looking for, pm me with e-mail, and I will send you the blend.


I finally got the hair problems down (thanks to OBI_Ron) and I rendered it. I’m looking for some feedback, but I just have one stupid question…How do you save the rendered image to a file that isn’t temporary?:confused:

ok, I got it.
c&c are welcome



Looks like a fine hairy reptile!