HAL 9000 | Focused Critique

Remember this guy?

This is a quick project. Was watching 2001: A Space Odyssey again and just felt like doing it. Please suggest how this could be turned into a more interesting render. This is all polygonal with no textures whatsoever. Rendered with Octane. There are still some hotpixels around and i need to figure out a way to minimize them.

This also made me think about something - Artificial Intelligence is inevitable. The question is, how are we as a species going to cope with it? And why must we call it ‘artificial’? Isn’t man as much a force of nature as the those that created life, and us? The stardust, the remnants of ancient stellar fusion, the thunder, the lightning and now us - all part of an ongoing story. Are we not?

Feel free to comment, criticize and help me improve it.



Hi, looks good so far, but some parts are not correct.
The perpective is nice.
I´ve done good old hal by myself and got a few pictures from the movie and so forth.

And one octane render from my model:

Cheers, mib


Hello anuraag_01,

It’s classic! I love it, although, I’d put some type of background in it. (i.e When Bowman started to disable HAL, HAL was surrounded by small “banks” of cumputer chips. There was a redish glow around Bowman and green and white reflections in some places.) Reflections on HAL’s “eye” would give it quite a nice bit of realism, although all these relfections that I’m talking about will quite definitely increace your render time! I’d still would atleast add reflections on HAL even if it might be the ony object in the image.

But it looks quite great. Now I have the erge to watch 2001: A Space Odyssy again.

…By the way… your comment about AI’s reminded me of Battlestar Galactica (reimagined series) where Comander Adama said that we cannot create a lifeform and then wash our hand from what we just did.

Tweaked the lighting and the materials a bit.
Mib2berlin, not sure what you meant with some parts not being correct - would be great if you could specify how they could be improved.

JH819, Thanks. In fact i do intend to do a scene around it.
Possibly the location where David is showing HAL his sketches.

Any more suggestions/ideas?


love the lighting and compositing
looks great

This looks great. It brings back many memories…
I like your idea for the background.

Some great renders you guys are doing in here! It’s impossible to top 2001. Best sci-fi film ever made.
And that was a great, and poetic, original post Anuraag. Can’t wait to see more. Great project idea.

One really noticeable thing. The glass on HAL seems to be a complete hemisphere, but yours does not.

Thanks everyone for liking it.
Thanks Graphix for pointing out the camera/eye lens curvature.
Have fixed it. Here’s a new render.

Do let know how you like it.


That looks better, but, to me the light grey looks a bit too light. I could be wrong…

Hi, the first picture i post is an orginal picture from movie, there is a bevel inside the metal ring, the outsode ring is alu or steel.
The plate has only holes for the speaker, the rest is plane metal (and the holes are quadraric :)).

Cheers, mib.

Looks great and makes me think of a little known fact about HAL’s name…

If you re-spell the name, one letter after each of the letters in his name, you get IBM. Seems pretty obvious to some but it had never crossed my mind.

Either way, good work!

If you want to stop artifical intellegence, I can sum it up with three words.
Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb!