Half a Chance

(Free Mars) #1

It seems to me that Blender was never really given the chance that many other applications have. It was a small company with very little to no publicity.

Only those of us who have fallen in love with it have any idea how good it is.


(blengine) #2

youre right…blender is actualy a very very good 3d tool… it wasnt given a fair chance but thats no ones fault really…it needed more developing and dare i say it, errr, raytracing =) raytracing is popular and a must for commercial apps… but blender can still achive realism no doubt, its looked at as an underdog i guess… but im still in love with it! :stuck_out_tongue: and i dont think we’ve seen the last of its developement thanks to that stud, ton :wink:


(haunt_house) #3

wouldn´t it have been nice, if adobe bought a license to use the code for their atmosphere? That would have been a leap forward.