Half a day lost...

I am quite experimented with Blender but this time I need your help. I spent the whole morning making template objects (furniture parts) that I can append and modify quickly for my scenes. For some strange reason I can’t append or even open my files now without Blender crashing with a segfault, not with 2.62, not with 2.63rc1 and not with a fresh build of the SVN.

I join here one of those files. Would you be kind enough to try to open it or append from it and tell me the result you get ? They contain two drawers named Tiroir and TiroirInterieur. You’ll find them as groups.

Thank you for your help. I’d build a debug version of the SVN but I can’t access the bug tracker without an error 500 so…

Thanks again. :slight_smile:


Tiroir.blend (401 KB)

I also get the crash with 2.63 Release Candidate 1… succesfully opened it with 2.61.

Re-saved the file in 2.61. It’s 40kb smaller and I can open it with 2.63RC1 here.
Tiroir2.blend (364 KB)

But… not really “problem solved”, obviously. This would be a ugly thing to sneak into the official 2.63

First of all, many thanks for a solution that’ll save me so much work.

I’ve narrowed down the problem to reassigning vertex groups of objects that already have some with different materials applied to them.

I’ll mount a little experiment… then find out how I can access the bug tracker.

Tack så mycket!