Half Black Yafray Render

Hey all,

I’ve been experimenting with Yafray a bit, and I’m trying to render a picture of a robot I’ve made. So, I set up the lighting, exported the .xml file, and rendered it with Yafray at a small resolution with low Hemi Light and Antialiasing samples. After I got the lighting I wanted, I made a larger version. When I rendered, however, half the screen was black, as if the render never finished.

Sooooo, I tried several different things to get it to render the whole image, and finally, after raising the samples of the Hemi Light, almost all of the black disappeared:


So, I tried a bigger image, with samples all the way up, and got this:


Now, not only are there black bars, but it looks really wierd at the bottom.

Has anyone ever experienced this problem before, and how would I go about fixing it?


How much memory do you have in your system? It might be that you’ve used up all available memory and swap space with the ultra-high resolution for everything :wink:

Ahhhh, okay. . . I’ve only got 384 MB in my system. Would raising the amount of hard drive space Windows uses when memory runs out fix it, or will I have to end up buying some more memory for my computer?


I highly doubt this problem has anything to do with memory, or the lack thereof. yafray loads all meshes into memory before it starts rendering, so if that was the problem, the render would fail right at the beginning. And anyway, lack of RAM shouldn’t cause the render to fail, simply slow it down to a crawl. Are you rendering from blender or do you export to XML beforehand?

I’m exporting to .xml from Yable, and then using Yafray to render the picture from the command prompt.


I’ve had similar issues while rendering in Maya with running out of memory and swap space. It simply stops rendering.

Although looking back on the renders, it doesn’t make sence that it would then continue to render in the lower portion of the image…

Obinwan_C: I suggest you post your question on the yafray forum.

RipSting: I don’t know how Maya manages the rendering process, but a while back I examined yafray’s behaviour at render time by running top in another window (I run yafray under Linux), and it appears to load everything into memory right at the beginning, and afterwards does not increase significantly memory usage until it finishes.

/me slaps himself in the head

Duh, why didn’t I think of that in the first place. . .