Half controlled

Is it possible to control half of your armature in the game engine ( and not affect the animations attached to the overall armature) ??

A little more info on what function you want to perform would be helpful, but based on what you’ve said already -

If you want the armarture bones to be controlled by constraints respectively.
Use the “Armature” actuator.

If your talking about logic like movement & rotation.

  1. Maybe try putting logic on the armature it-self?
  2. Use message sensors & message actuators to send messages from the “object that is controlling the logic” to the “Armature” object.
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you play games … when you are moving your mouse to aim , the upper level of the character follow your moves , SIR ! :face_with_monocle: how to perform that !

Sorry for the late reply, I wanted a proper demo set-up first.
Is this the function you wanted?

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Yes ! The monky and the cylinder are children of armature , right ?

Indeed they are.
Here is the blend file.

Keep in mind some of the logic is done with Python, but the rest is made with logic-bricks.
Track to Hit Position.blend (131.9 KB)

watch this

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(Retweet) of the video link.

Ok, this is what you can do.
I assume you have a spine bone, included in your bone armature?
Well what you want to happen is for the spine bone to track/follow the aiming object.

I believe you can do this by running a bone constraint with the Armature Actuator.
You’ll have to set-up a bone constraint in the “Properties Window” for the bone also.

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Can you explain more ? Like what constraints are better …etc

Sorry if I’m unclear in my reply’s.
The truth is, I don’t have much experience with bone constraints, but I think this is the bone constraint you are looking for.

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We can parent a empty to the hitbox the armature parents to, and use track to on the empty, and use copy rotation constraint in the spine

Note you need to understand the bone , the empty Y Axis needs to face up if it’s a spine bone typically


Thank you :star_struck: , you helped me a lot !


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Glad I could help :slight_smile:

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