Half Life 2 Deathmatch

So, what do you people think of this

[if you haven’t played it, and have half life 2, start steam and download it right away]

you spawn with the gravity gun, yummy

and can kill people with nearby objects [I’ve only been coordinated enough to use a computer monitor, barrels and tables have been too large and awkward for me]

though, the maps are a bit small when full, you really need to worry about people spawning behind you.

it is cool the gravity gun isn’t the ultimate weapon on the map either, it isn’t really more powerful than anything else just more flexible [once you find something to pick up, there is a lot of stuff, but it isn’t always within reach]

Played it a while today. It’s awesome but it felt rather laggy. I don’t know if it’s just the ones who have bad pings though. I didn’t find the gravity gun very effective because people were skipping all around me and it’s hard to keep track of them anyway when you got a book shelf levitating on your face. But I did get a few kills just by blindly throwing as much stuff as I possibly can. The servers I played in had too many players imo. With less players on a server or bigger maps it would be a whole lot more enjoyable. Also with more variety than just the two maps.

hefty download, but im sure it will be worth it. is it anything like the original HLDM? I really didnt care for that…

Oooh lol missed the SDK release and a bunch of maps for cs: source. :o Defenntly stuff that you need to make the Hlf Life 2 hipe evern better. :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, I started steam and it’s auto downloading the 220 mb sdk install. What’s that? I mean why to download using steam? I want that file in zip or exe format on a cd instead of downloading each time afther reinstalling half life2 from the internet. Is there a possibility to download it from a website or just find it on your pc in a packed format?

It would really suck ass if this isn’t possible, why do they use Steam? I hate it already. :< And what about 5 years? what if Valve is bankrupt and steam isn’t suported anymore, how can we play half life2 again? Never? :-?

I quess you would right click on it in the “Play games” menu and “Backup game files…”. Never backed anything up. I never back anything up and I have to pay the price for it :smiley: Or manualy backup your eqvalent of my C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\sourcesdk.gcf