Half Life 2 Model Texture UV Probem "PLEASE HELP"

Hay everybody! i have a few models i ripped from the game half life 2 and they are in SMD format… and no im not going to do anything illegal with it, im just playing with them and practice animation with them. Ok so then i go into the meterials file and grab the vmt files from half life 2 and put them into photoshop and save the texture as a TGA and i beleave i save it as 32 bit and then in blender i import the model , remove the doubles , and then add a texture to the modle and make it UV and the texture is all funky and messed up! IT DOESNT WRAP AROUND THE MODEL RIGHT! and i have a model of a guy and he has a texture for his suit and for his face and when i add both it stretches his face texture around him ! and if i remove it and just keep the suit texture then it wrap perfectly around the suit like it should but obviously it doesnt have the face texture cuz i had to remove it :frowning: any help would be SUPPER thank you guys in advace :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Do the UVs look like this?

What I mean is, is the problem fixable by some uv translation and scaling?