Half-Life 2 Poison Headcrab model

I was playing Half-Life 2 today and I decided to make a model of a headcrab. They’re pretty gross…but it was fun to make anyway.

comments? critiques…? If I need some better lighting for better critiques, or something…tell me.

Not a bad modelling/texturing job, but being a HL2 player as well, I’m not really convinced that it’s a poison headcrab.

  1. The body should be closer to the ground, and the…“kneejoints” should be a little higher than the body. Think tarantula spiders.

  2. Hair! Spiders are only gross because they have Hair! And so should the headcrab.

  3. The bottom could use a bit more work. In the game, flip a dead headcrab over and take a screenshot. :wink:

Overall, just try to make your viewers squirm in their seats. I always do when one of those things jump at me…

Hope I don’t sound too demanding. Those are all suggestions, which can be ignored at the artist’s discretion.

nahhh not too demanding. thanks. I thought it could be wider, also.

and the texture btw stretches heavily. some better uv-unwrap would not hurt too :wink:

yeah I’m not advanced enough for UV unwrap…I made that texture through trial and error…all the UV tutorials dont work for me for some reason

it’s simple. place ‘seams’ around your mesh at places you would cut it open to lay it flat out on the floor. then use LSCM to unwrap it. then export the unwrap (bei screenshot or the uv-export script) to a file and color it.

the other would be projection mapping but i’m completly unexperienced with that one.

Well, being a huge fan of HL2 (hence the avatar and the signature) I’m pretty sure that they have four white fangs, instead of 2 black ones. Also, like yuwang said, its knees are supposed to be higher than its head/body thingy, and they have little tiny hairs, and the hair is very thin, not very dense in body coverage. I’d like to see another render soon, cuz half-life 2 is the best game ever!

Also, if that’s rigged, you should make a short anim of the thing crawling around real slow-like. That’d be kewl.

don’t forget to turn on OSA

A poison headcrab laughed at me once… as you might have guessed, HL2 killed my inner child. crazy?!! I was crazy once…! So they put me in a rubber room…!