Half-Life 2

Argh, Half-Life 2 has been released just 3,5 hours ago and I sit at work - it’s already installed and waiting for me.

Can’t wait to get home…

Well at least you have it. :expressionless:

i conviced my dad to let me get hl1. before this, he wouldnt let me play M games. :expressionless:
my comp almost has the hl2 specs!

the first 2.5-3 hours are good

then I went to bed

Yay I just got a mail a little over 2 hours ago that my pre-order has been shipped :smiley: The problem is we Europeans only get the DVD version and I don’t have a DVD-drive. Can I still “pre-load” HL2 from Steam or do I need to provide a CD-Key to be able to download through Steam? I tried to download it but I didn’t figure out how to. Im too cheap skate to buy a DVD-drive just so I can play HL2 :stuck_out_tongue:

:o Half-Life 2 is out? Last time I checked up on the game, there were so many delays that I figured it would at least be a summer 2005 release, and I kinda gave up on it.


GRR! I pre-ordered it expecting to get it on the day of the release, but VUgames.com hasn’t even shipped it yet! ARG! I NEED HALF LIFE 2!!!

I guess WOW is going to have to hold me up till HL2 gets here.



I have it and everything (got it 1 hour ago), but the steam servers are completely flooded. Please tell me when they’re not!

I have a working beta though - it’s just awesome.

I won’t tell you what it’s like - you have to find out! :wink:

EDIT: FINALLY! Steam servers are slow, but running! Stay tuned for updates!

Any demo comming out of Half Life 2? Because I don’t know if my pc can run it, so I want to test. Otherwise I buy something that could not run. Well lets hope it can. :smiley:

Well, there is no demo, but you can get Counter-Strike: Source or HL2 beta (I have both!).

HL2 games run well on more basic setups, like mine: ATI all-in-wonder radeon 8500dv with 64mb ram, Intel pentium 4 2.4 GhZ proscessor, 512 mb ram…uhh, I gues only my gfx card is out of date…anyway, if you run it at 800x600 or 640x480, the game will run fine.

If you have a GeForce card, it’ll be amazing even at 1280x1024+.

On the steam forums there is a whole forum about HL2! Look there for screenshots, etc…

I’m off to play HL2 some more, bye!

where can you download the beta. Do you have to do it off of steam?


could be he was talking about the [illegal] alpha leak [from when the source code was stolen]

that would be avalible using bittorrent and one of the larger trackers, but because I wouldn’t reccomend you do that [and because the policy of this forum would not like it if I told you where/how] I will not say more

oh I well if you can only get through the leak then I dont want it. Not taking a risk like that


I borrow it from a friend then :slight_smile: or test a single player kazaa download for testing (mean real testing) when it runs great I’ll buy it anyway. Sometimes they say downloading games illigal is illigal, but what if you want to test your pc? You are allowed to have it 24 hours on your pc, afther that you have to delete it. So I’ll test it that day then :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m really curious if it runs on my pc :smiley:

I’ll test it for one day, then delete it… and then I will say I forgot if it worked and test it again and so on… then it won’t be illegal. :smiley:

I did a screenshot of Counter-Strike: Source;


Gotta hurt.

About the beta: I don’t reccomend it. It’s filled with bugs, big and small. It gives away a little of the story. It doesn’t run the same as HL2.

If you want to test the graphics, buy CS: S (Counter-Strike: Source).

P.S. I’ll get some HL2 screens for ya later.

hello gamer dudes,

my kid wants me to get him HL2…

he has a celeron 2.4 / generic nvidia 64 meg/ 512 ram

can he run this???

or is going to come whinnig for one of those $600 video cards :-?


Wow! That’s almost exactly what I have!

Of course it will run!

Having it on 640X480 or 800X600 would be optimal.

thx :smiley:

xmas shopping on the weekend



Well you might be better off getting another card. The Radeon 9600XT would run it good - at a nice FPS & quality.