Half Life 2ish Hold System

I would like to build a script that can hold a object (any object not just a special object) like in half life or half life 2.

Anyone have any python ideas or a simple logic brick way to do it.

It should be simple (I don’t know about Half Life 2, but here’s an idea) - you press Left-Click, and it casts a ray from the camera forward, looking for any object with an ‘object’ property. Then, if it returns true, get the object and parent it to the camera (so that it stays in the view) or parent it to the body, and move it into position. When you press another button, then release the parenting. You’ll have to disengage rigid body physics (if the object has it) when it parents.

How about this: http://www.pasteall.org/blend/6449

Right click to start levitating object and right click to stop.

Hope this helps

Thank you, i did not think any one would work up a demo for me, but there you are again Excalaberr.

Could you make a 2.49b version of that script please? or find a link to one?

yeah, you could also use the parent actuator, I just saw that. By the way, great job Excalaberr that script looks amazing. It reminds me of banjo/kazooie on xbox 360.