Half-Life (Black Mesa) wallpaper

Hi guys, looong time away from posting here.

First, a little bit of background…

On last year’s Christmas day, I spent it playing Half-Life 2 (finally, for the first time since released) as well as Episodes 1 and 2… This year I played the Black Mesa mod…

I was so incredibly pleased with the quality and effort put by these Black Mesa project guys, that I decided to create this render and wallpaper to share with them, with you guys and the community.


I’ve also made available the .blend file in case you want it :slight_smile: (the .blend file is really simple and ugly, the magic happens with the camera position, textures and lighting).


Nice, I was happy as well to see the mod finally go fully public.
Half Life 2 is still better than most stuff that came out between 2004-2012