Half-Life models

i presume that this question has been asked before and i searched the forums for an answer, but i wasnt succesful.
So is there a way(plugin, script, another prog) to import halflife models, complete with texture and skeleton in blender?
i know how to import the model without skeleton and texture using milkshape, but i dont want some grey thingies, i want to have the whole colorful world of the halflife models right in my blender :smiley:

Here are some tutorials that may be helpful:


I can’t say that it will be directly relevant to your question, though.

these are some nice tutorials indeed, but i am actually not looking fo a way to create my own game caracters. i just want to import some models from a halflife mod, to create a nice logo for my clan.
but i will go through those tutorials, i think they can help me in some different way.


You probably could import the model and the textures but not the
skeleton (if yes let me know, please).
To import the model and the texture, open i t in Milkshape and save it (here you must do some tries) in 3DS or OBJ or WRL
Search in this forum for the import scripts ( 3ds, obj , the wrl is Blender native) and try to open it in Blender.
Normally the wrl format works quite good.

i heard someone saying that mesh could be imported via a program called Milkshape or something like that. Try that.

OTO you method works fine with the model, but it seems that milkshape doesnt save the texture in the 3ds, obj or wrl file.
i also tried to seperatly load the texture in blender, but i cant get it in the right position, it always looks like a crap.

It’s weird

I haven’t tried with HL models (mdl??) but i’ve made a mesh
in Milkshape 1.5.10, give it a texture map and then export it
in VRML 97 with default settings, open it in Blender, and…
just perfect
Try to open the HL models, save them in MS or 3ds and after that
export to VRML, maybe this will work???
DON’T FORGET to put the texture map in the same folder of the model