Half Life Source

What exactly is Half-Life source? Is it a remake of HL1 in the source engine? Will it a free downlad be avaialabe to to the those who didnt purchase one of the more expensive silver, gold, or collecters editions of the game? I would love to play HL1 in the source engine so I am very curious.

I believe you are reffering to the Half Life source code. They had a lot of problems with keeping it out of the arms of hackers. Thats part of the reason the realesing of HL2 was delayed for so long.

Half-Life: Source is a digitally remastered version of Half-Life and I think it will not be available to owners of the ‘bronze’ version.

Is it the Half-life 1 source? I did hear somthing about it being released soon.
Anyways, I’m reffering to the Steam page
and if you notice under the silver and gold editions it states that they include Half-Life 1: Source, which seems very much like Counter Strike: Source. As I’m sure we all know, CS: Source is basicly CS remade with the source engine, so it might be logical to assume the HL1 source is a similar product. Thanks for your response X-Warrior, but I am more confused than ever now. %|

I got the Collector’s edition of Half Life 2 which includes Half Life: Source. It looks almost identical to the original, except the people have shadows and the water looks more realistic. I read that this was a direct port of the original. They didn’t update the graphics like they did with Counterstrike: source.

Yes, but the game’s name is just ‘Half-Life’, so I left away the ‘1’ ;).

For a comparison of the graphics change, I found 2 images:


Half-Life: Source

I think there is a real improvement, but I’m just not interested in playing it again…

There is quite a bit of improvement there. Maybe somday I will play again, alghough after the fith or sixth time the game really starts to wear thin. In any case, it is still very neat.

i think they both look terrible. at least in comparison to the HL2 final engine.

I have HL1 source.

The graphics are still not good, but there is ragdoll physics, rigid body physics, swinging physics, etc…

The bullet holes are %10000000 better, there is shinyness, shadows, and more stuff thast I won’t bother to tell you.

Half-Life Source is NOT the source code, it is just HL1 being rendered with the HL2 engine (also known as the Source engine, hence the name).

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