half of a robot

Heres the start of a robot im going to use in my next cartoon short ( first one is here https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=11924 )


its my first robot, am i missing anything important as far as texturing or geometry goes? i got the environment map looking ok, but the head and shoulder texture should look more like brushed steel or something. and yea he needs a face and legs (or wheels). any suggestions?

looks like he’s hovering above the ground… maybe he’s a Hoverbot! rides on a cushion of air! :slight_smile:
has a very cold and metallic “personality”. instead of a face, maybe just give him a whole bunch of sensors crammed onto the “heaD” area.

well, you’ve at least gotta give it some eyes!! have like 2 long vertical eye strips at each side of the “nose”. make it red or green or blue or red.

You should give it both legs and wheels. oh the advantages of such an advantage.

Looks pretty good all around. The texture on the top doesn’t really look like brushed steal. Try messing around with the nor settings and add a darker marble texture that is streched. But i like the robot in general.

Only thing i see is that by the robots neck there is a reflection of what looks like your stick mans hand. I don’t think that should be there. :wink: