Half past one

In time when i have no any ideas what to model, i usually “sing what i see”. So here is a little fragment of my table )


wow! that watch is looking FOTOREALISTIC!!
(the rest of your scene is nice too.)

here is the grid

That is amazing!!! Almost like a real photo:)
Keep up the good work.

P.S. I have NO CRITIQUE…and that is unusual;)

wow that is amazing. at first i thought the watch was the only thing cg but boy was i wrong. you are very skilled sir :slight_smile:

Holy Shit!
The whole render is fotorealistic!
Wich renderer did you use?

haha, I do not understand what is so mindblowing about the picture. I actually find it quite boring, don’t get me wrong, the modelling is really good and you have done very well on the notebook, which I find is the most realistic in the scene. Though, you might want to change the texture of the table to something that is less obviously tiled. The scene is also quite pale in my opinion, no shadows or contrast in colors. It is good that you have used defocus on the background but the scene is still quite busy, nothing that is the center of attention which makes it a little boring and confusing to look at.

Just a few crits to keep you going! You have done well with the modelling and that pencil looks just fantastic!

wow, i just cant believe it looks so real. 5 stars. this should go to the gallery pronto. :slight_smile:

Very nice render, which renderer did you end up using?

Thank you for your comments and crits! :wink:
Yeah, the scene has quite “flat” lighting and it is little boring maybe. But real life is boring too, huh? I like that “real life photos” style.
It was modelled in two evenings and rendered in Luxrender 0.8 for 14 hours on my core2duo desktop.

Okay, that looks freaking fantastic! How did you make the notebook look so real?

But why wont you do something a bit more like your other project which I just had a look at; “still life with apples”? Compared to that scene, this one looks very dull.

Well, I think he already told us why, there is no point on keep asking it: In time when i have no any ideas what to model, i usually “sing what i see”.

Ofcourse this is not a BIG project or something like that, but hey :eyebrowlift2:
This is pretty fantastic by being considered by him as a “simple scene of
his desk”

I liked it, you deserve 5 stars!

john_9998, i like your comments very much, really. Thank you! I want to do something greater after em :slight_smile:

I had no great plans to make a great award-winning scene. I’ve just drank some non-alcoholic beer, modelled some stuff and rendered. Yes - i placed my heart in there; i try to do it in all of my works. But it’s a 8-hours work. Dont beat it like it didn’t do what it has to :slight_smile:
Thank you all for everything!

End here are some tips about notebook. I made a plain, subdivided it few times, added array modifier, applied it. Added solidify modifier (with a nanovalues). Then distorted some pages with proportional editing (a little continuous, a little full) to make it some randomless. Just a little. And that is all. The cover is simple :slight_smile:
Ah, last one. Pages are default matte material of luxrender.

Oh, my god. This is so freakin’ realistic. Is that table cloth just a plain texture? I think this convinced me tu use luxrender from now on. Good job!

Coobas, yeah, that is a texture with a little bump )
Luxrender is great! Try it! (:

i am very impressed by your work sir, i try hard to mimic reality but its nothing compared to your work. for some ,its easy to say that its boring until they find themselves trying to do the same thing and fail. great job. :slight_smile:

Well, I have to guess it is me you are referring to and I must say that I’ve never stated that I am capable of producing even close as realistic works as the author of this thread.

I must admit that Malefic.Max really is the better 3d-artist, as for now at least ;), and I’m not usually the one to critique the humble work of others but when I do, I’m only there to help.
F**k me for being such an ass then! :slight_smile:


I’m sure the reaction has more to do with the fact that there is nothing to critique. There’s positive criticism and then there’s just criticism.

Awesome work Malefic.Max!

now wheres that ass :slight_smile: