Half the poly count?

I just wonder if there is some way to half the amount of polygons in the model. Like two quads turns into one. Because I want a low poly model but right now I got 613 triangles…or 568 quads…:eek:

The decimate modifier will do that.
Hope it helps.

Thanks this is what I’m looking for, but when I try to use the modifier on my model there is a tiny message under the modifier that sais. “Non-manifold mesh as input”

Anyone know what this means?

EDIT: I think I know why it doesn’t work on my mesh, I got a cloth over the body that isn’t connected to the model. So screw it, but is 614 triangles too much for a game character model in the game engine?

The clothes should not be the problem.
Nonmanifold does mean there is an edge with more than 2 faces connected to it.
For example double faces.


in edit mode : select all -> STRG + N -> remove doubles