Halfling WIP

Hi gang -

Head shot enclosed of evolving halfling type. Still early in development but thought I was far enough along for feedback, critiques, etc.

Personal goals on this project are textures, hair, cloth of sorts, and some sort of final full body composition…

Thanks everyone!



looks pretty good, but i think the corners of the mouth should dimple inward a bit.

Thanks - Modron. Updated the face entirely. Working through torso, etc - kind of crafting as I go rather than working from any illustration.

Updated WIP below. Thanks again for any feedback -



looking good, man. i like the new textures.

It’s coming along nicely. The mouth looks much better now.
The texture is too streched on some part of his coat IMHO. And you did something to his ears, don’t you? :wink:
But as far as now the whole stuff looks good :slight_smile:

it’s good! althought that’s not the way i imagine halflings…

That’s a great looking Bilbo! Very artistic! My only (very small) crit is to bring the forhead out just a smidge… but maybe that’s just me…

This plug-in rocks! Trying to work Fiber into the mix for wiskers, hair, 'brows, etc. Just a start here, but should be well scalped (err… the reverse) by the weekend. Also tweaked textures - thanks all for the feedback!

Yep - forehead got warped a bit. Thanks Mzungu -




Very nice indeed ! I really love the texture on the waistcoat and the shirt. Nice cartoon look about him though not exactly your every day hobbit, but it’s nice to see someone doing something nice and original with a popular subject. I dont know if they are the finished eyes or not , but at the moment they do seem slightly out of place against all the other nicely textured parts of the image. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out. :smiley:

Hi Levi - thanks for the feedback. As I mentioned earlier in the thread, this one is evolving “as I go” - no preconceived idea - which makes it kind of fun.

I agree with you on the eyes. Not sure what to do with them yet. Anu suggestions?

Updated textures, eyes, etc. Fiber plug-in proved very helpful! As always feedback welcome.


He’s looking great sofar.I bet if he smiled he would have rotten teeth :slight_smile:
He’s pant legs are abit to square.He’s belt might need accouple fitting holes.And maybe when your done you could throw some dirt, scratchs, patches ect, on his clothing to help give him a look like he’s been around.

very nice, could u tell me what settings u used for the hair with fiber? lol, would really help at getting more realistic looking hair for some stuff of mine :wink: I rly like the clothes too, except the buttons seem abit to bright for him, it’s like everything fits now except those little red buttons XD

this is a young gnome, if we stick to being picky :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL! Could be a gnome -

RE: Hair. I basically tried A LOT of combinations but ended up doing the following:

Played with density(lower) and width (lower) until I got fine strands. Play with the length of segments and segment numbers as well if you want shorter or longer hair; and finally random length is good to get a less uniform look.

To get “hair” that contours to the head, copy verts from the scalp to create a seperate object. Play with turning it in different directions to leverage gravity (down the z axis) which can also be adjusted for extreme bend, and place it back on the scalp to see how it looks. Edit mode always helps to move some individual fibers around.

I made about 20 seperate hair patches that I then scaled, edited, and otherwise moved around until I got the look I was after.

Re: textures - these are simply pattern fills in PS that I colorized. I load one for color and a greyscale version for NOR.

Hope this helped!


That’s a truly spectacular character. I’d love to see him in an animation. The belt buckle could be improved, I think, and maybe some shaping to the inside of the ears.

He is awesome. I get a real nice feel out of it. I too would love to see him in an animation.

question: Where is his corncob pipe?

Added feet (man those are tough to model!!!) and changed eye direction. He’ll most likely be holding something…Small update. More work this weekend.

(Pipe in progress - lol!) I guess this is somewhat of a cliche character - but a fun project nonetheless!

Any feedback welcome / appreciated!




coming along nicely, the feet look great. try putting a subsurf on the hair. it looks a little jagged.
<edit> also using the unified renderer might take care of that pixely look where the strands are really thin.