Halftone window frame material?

Hi, any idea on how to archieve this texture/ material used in windows frames all around? For corners i could adapt UVs but maybe there is a procedural way or something faster.

Thank you all!!!

May be this will help - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_Js07VVimY

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Hello !

For sure there is :slight_smile:
I just gave it a try :

I’ve made a network with inputs for number of dots, width of the space where its size decrease, and additionnal black borders. Basically, I’m working with the Object vector coordinates (Relative to bouding box of the object) the setup is :

  • Texture Coordinate → Object → -1 to 1 → add 1, divide by 2 → from 0 to 1
  • Separate
  • Multiplying by N of dots → 0 to N
  • Modulo 1 → 0 to 1 repeated N times (here comes the pattern, but it’s squared)
  • Substract 0.5 → from -0.5 to 0.5 N times in a pattern
  • Recombine
  • Distance to (0,0,0) → circles
  • Greater Than → Black/White circle where threshold is the radius.
  • In order to get a threshold variable on a square from center, I use absolute X,Y from coordinates, and get only the maximum from X and Y. Feed it in a color ramp to trim the border width
  • Use as fac in the mix shader for transparency

Here is a screenshot if needed :

See you :slight_smile: ++


You can also get far by using a voronoi node with 0 randomness: the F1 distance output gives you a circular shape directly and you can use the position output (constant per cell) to control the circle size. Here, I used the distance to the edges of a rectangle (smoothed by a smooth minimum node) to control the size:

@alanzb’s suggestion of using UV coordinates is probably the way to go if you want to achieve the rounded corner effect as in the reference, and it makes the node setup even simpler as you can just use on of the UV coordinates for controlling the size (my UV warping could be better though)

Half_tone_pattern.blend (140.8 KB)


Excellent! This definetly should be a part of the way! Thank you!

Thank you very much!!! Is excellent!

OMG!!! That’s exactly what i was looking for…you and this community are amazing!

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