Hall And Stairs, with Making Of...

This is my latest work it is the hallway at the top of the stairs in my house. I have been working it for a while, if you are interested here is the WIP thread https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=22833
It started off as me trying to create something photorealistic, im not sure it is, but im happy with it and want to move on.

I have also created a little Making Of… tutorial here:


Very nice. I wouldn’t say it’s photorealistic, but it’s certainly closer than most images. I’m not sure why either, maybe the texturing is too simple. Not sure.

AO seems to mimic GI quite well, but it’s not perfect. Yafray renders look more realistic imo.

Nice tutorial, though there are a couple of thumbnails missing from the modelling section of it.

Great job. :smiley:

O dear they all seem to be there on my computer, there are only 2 in total.

nice image, its pretty close to be photorealistic :smiley: . but small details and better textures are missing.

are we allowed to do some post processing on it :slight_smile: ?

Ye go ahead be my guest, i would like to see what post pro could do to it, but im not very good. Please show me waht you can do.

hehe, in fact im a photoshop noob %|.

well, i did my best :slight_smile: . added some glow (bloom) , dof, noise and so on…



BLOODY HELL, good work its looks great, ill have to look into Post Pro now. How do u do DOF using photshop, just using blur?

thx :slight_smile: ,

to make good DOF you have to right-click the smudge-tool and select the waterdrop symbol.

nice, almost photoreal, but theres to much spec on the door :slight_smile:

If you’re interested in post-pro, check out my response to your WIP thread for this image. AO can be used inline like you’ve done it, but it’s usually used as a post layer.

Nice image, btw.